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Transformed table and relation


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I have two tables




I have transformed table B by unpivoting it

now I want to creat the relationship between the two tables.

but I get a message that I can’t create the relation

“The relation couldn not be created since it leads to cyclic dependences”

i need to create the relationship between the two tables

I have a table from table A

and a pie chart from table B

i want by clicking on value from the table

the pie chart to be filtered with data from the unpivted table

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Spotfire does not support cyclic dependencies so you need to find a way to change your analysis to avoid that.

First (quoting one of the knowledge base articles mentioned below), just to describe what this is:

"A cyclical dependency is a relation (data table relationship, insert rows, insert columns, etc) between multiple data tables that which are defined based on each other in such a way to create a loop. When attempting to add a relationship between tables in the TIBCO Spotfire installed client which would lead to this cyclical dependency, you will be prompted with a warning "The relation could not be created since it leads to cyclic dependencies between data table."

Here are two support knowledge base articles that describe various ways you can deal with this, so please try to redesign your analysis based on the techniques mentioned there:



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