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How to draw a bounding box in a scatter data graph

wongil shin

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In the example below you can see two ways (the plots to the right) I tested to create something bounding-box-like. Maybe one of those could work for you.

BoundingBox.thumb.PNG.d80a029d75e420cf2a0d1d73eecced1d.PNGIn the top right example I used a Map Chart and the Draw Bounding Box Data Function for TIBCO Spotfire data function (which can be downloaded from the TIBCO Community Exchange - https://community.spotfire.com/s/exchange/aCv4z000000kPWOCA2/draw-bounding-box-data-function-for-tibco-spotfire).


The bounding box could e.g. be a filled rectangle (or whatever shape you want to use)


Using a map chart, you can't show axis values.


In the bottom right example, I used Curve Draw (right-click on the plot > Properties > Lines & Curves > Add > Curve Draw) to add two custom curves

Curve 1 expression:

If(x=0,-1,If(x>0 and x<10,10))

Curve 2 expression:

If(x>0 and x<10,-1,If(x>=10 and x<10.01,10))


Easier to setup/manage/edit


This can just show lines - not a filled image like the map chart/data function example above.

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