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I have customized the Gantt chart among the mods charts provided by tibco, and I want to improve the performance of the chart.

Min Su Sun

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I want about 10,000 data to be displayed within 20 ~ 30 seconds on a customized Gantt chart.

I have attached the source code or if there is a way to improve the performance of this chart. Please review the source code for performance improvements.

For reference, I have attached a sample dxp file of a Gantt chart with 100 rows.

Data of 100 rows appears normally, but data of 10,000 does not appear.

In order to test 10,000, you only need to import 10,000 data into dxp and then replace the data table on the chart.

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Just to manage your expectations early on, based on my experience I believe this request might be beyond the normal limit of where one can expect a response from the community participants (but that's just me guessing - maybe someone will respond). If you see similar performance in a non-customized Gantt chart, a suggestion for performance improvements could be suited for the TIBCO Ideas portal (https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas).


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