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Custom order eje X and add value of the last data

Francisco Aspillaga

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I have the following graph and I need.

1) Rearrange the months on the Y axis, for example, from left to right: March-May-April-February. Is this possible?

2) Show the value of the last day that the yellow column has data. I put to see the values but to see the value of the last day I must put to see all the values of the days before, which makes the graph look very saturated with so many numbers. Is this possible?.



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for (1) if you explicitly define a calculated Month column, you can then reorder it as you wish from top menu > Data > Column properties >select Month column > go to Sort Order tab > choose Custom Sort Order.

You could for instance define [Month] and [Day] and show those on the x-axis.

for (2) you can define a label as a custom expression which is only non null for the last day, something like:

case when [Day]=Max([Day]) then [Day] end

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