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How to import a gif uploaded to spotfire server

Emilio Peruzzi

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Enjoy everyone,

I've been working with Spotfire for a few weeks now.

The client asked me to insert a gif into a dashboard page.

They provided me with a path where a GIF folder for the file was created.

How can I import to client this path in order to add the gif to the dashboard?

Thank you in advance, any input is valuable 🙂

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Hello Emilio!

Could you please elaborate on "The client asked me to insert a gif into a dashboard page.". What exactly is the gif supposed to be used for/inserted into?

As you wrote *a* gif, I assume it's not images that should be displayed in the actual data (example: if the data contains country names, to show the flag of the country) but rather a single image, like a company logo, that should be displayed e.g. on the first page of the analysis.

There are many different ways you could use images in Spotfire - below are some links to documentation where you can see and read about a few examples:

How to Use the Text Area (you could use this to show an image in a page)


Cobranding (you could use this to e.g. show the company logo on the login page, or as a header, shown at the top of the analysis when viewed in a web client )


Images in Tables (if the images are in the data, you could show an image in a table)


Details on Image from URL Renderer Settings (if you have links to images, you could show images in a table)


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