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Embedding Spotfire dashboard in SharePoint Online Page (using embed webpart)

Vivek Christopher

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We have implemented dashboards in Spotfire Server (on-premise not cloud) and trying to embed the dashboard in the SharePoint Online page. We have tried the Javascript API mentioned in the article: https://community.spotfire.com/s/article/TIBCO-Spotfire-JavaScript-API-Overview

but the result is the user needs to log in to Spotfire (which is an extra step) to see the dashboard.

Is there an option available to display the dashboard directly on the webpage without a login step?

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Hello Vivek,

Thats the basic nature of viewing Spotfire reports "The user needs to be authenticated to the server".

Now if it's okay that these Spotfire reports can be made public (ones embedded in the portal) and anyone can view them. You can add such reports in a folder and give it "Anonymous User" access. But Prior you need to enable Anonymous Authentication on the Server. So it won't ask for authentication on these reports.



(If authentication is needed for the reports, then)

1>>If you have a Kerberized environment throughout your org then ideally it should be a seamless experience. You can set Kerberos auth at the Spotfire server too.


2>>Second option would be if you are using OAuth2(OpenID) for authentication and if you have the same Identity Provider on both the apps (external web app and on the Spotfire server) then only logging into the external session should suffice.




3>>Third option, with little development efforts you can make use of the "External Authentication" in Spotfire and fetch the username used to login to the web Portal in a cookie or header and pass it to the Spotfire server to authenticate against Spotfire and get a seamless experience.  

Making use of the CustomAuthenticator Sptfire JAVA server API , you can write the logic for more advanced security. (custom authentications)

External Authentication :


Server API reference:


4>> You may also implement a "Custom Web Authenticator" if it's required (in case the auth mechanism could not be implemented by any in-built options into Spotifre to work seamlessly with your external app) according to your environment.


Note: The 3rd and the 4th options may need a development effort to write a JAVA code to implement the Spotfire Server API's.

Hope this help.

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