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Javascript PopUp published in January 2023 breaks Spotfire ("JSPopup")

Henry Heberle
Go to solution Solved by Jose Leviaguirre,

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I'm trying to use this script https://community.spotfire.com/s/article/JavaScript-Popup-for-TIBCO-Spotifre?t=1678186156361

But two things are happening when I include the script in the dashboard:

  1. I cannot drag/drop any visualization component from Spotfire (tables or anything)
  2. By including a Filter in the pop-up, the keyboard doesn't work. E.g., I can only select values from the filters using the mouse, I cannot use arrows to go element by element from a filter.

Was this tested before posted, or is it something with my code?

I didn't change the JS script... I just included numerous filters in the Content <div/>.

I tried to use with the default <div> provided in the article from the URL, but it broke Spotfire too.

The popup works... but the rest is broken.

After clicking many values from a filter box, there is a bug happening too with the rendering. The items of the filter mixed, overlapping the words, so we can't read them. E.g. All appearing overlaying the first line of the filter that says "All x values", so we can't read that anymore.

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Hello Henry

What version of Spotfire are you using. Is there a way you can share a copy of your dxp so I can take a closer look to it?

Try removing or commenting the draggable code section for now. That might be the issue. I'll see if there are better ways to make it draggable with some other JavaScript library and let you know.

Thanks for your feedback!

//make dialog dragable// document.addEventListener("mousemove", doDrag);// pullables[0].parentNode.addEventListener('mousemove', doDrag);// pullables.forEach((d) => {// d.addEventListener("mousedown", startDrag);// d.addEventListener("mouseup", endDrag);// });
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