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Restrictions in Mods

Chuang Tse Wang

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Hi Tibco,

I asked the same questions from my product agency, YOU company answer what I must do it here.

What'd I like to ask?

  1. Since the Mods embedded with iframe with sandbox to constrain allow-script only, I cannot trigger hyperlink or window.open with javascript. Please offer more flexible framework.
  2. There's no any table or pivot examples in Spotfire Mods homepage, and why it's a demand. Yes, I can customize a table or pivot mods, but I cannot approach the function to export it as CSV nor style Excel by all possible known ways. So, what I got are pdf and image for export when MODS is table.
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These sound like (good) ideas for future improvements so please make sure to create ideas for them (or vote for existing ones) in the TIBCO Ideas Portal. The first one e.g. sounds similar to the existing idea https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/TS-I-8540 - "Allow urls and external content to be opened from Mods" - which has received quite a few votes already.

Here's an overview of the three main resources for Spotfire mods:

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Tks for reply promptly.

Okay, it's not possible to export marked records as CSV file from table or pivot Mods with built-in spotfire-mods-api for now! Why do I ask for this? cos the same spotfire visualization (table / pivot) allow it, but all of custom mods are treated as chart-like which only support pdf and image exporting. A little bit weird.

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