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Need help with Denodo connector


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I'm getting the below error when trying to connect to Denodo data source from Spotfire

I have also installed the Denodo jdbc driver into Spotfire modules.

Cannot connect to data source 'Avid Stage', due to invalid configuration or that the data source is not running. Database reported: Connection error: Check the host name and port number are correct, and that client and server belong to the same Denodo major version.Cannot establish a SSL connection because of problems in the handshake

This is the data source template used

<jdbc-type-settings><type-name>Denodo</type-name><display-name>Denodo</display-name><driver>com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver</driver>   <connection-url-pattern>jdbc:vdb://server:1989/databasename?autoCommit=true</connection-url-pattern> <supports-catalogs>false</supports-catalogs>   <supports-schemas>false</supports-schemas>   <column-alias-pattern>`$$name$$`</column-alias-pattern><column-name-pattern>`$$name$$`</column-name-pattern><table-name-pattern>`$$name$$`</table-name-pattern> <use-ansii-style-outer-join>true</use-ansii-style-outer-join>   <metadata-provider>com.spotfire.ws.im.ds.sql.BasicJDBCMetadataProvider</metadata-provider> <supports-procedures>true</supports-procedures> <ping-command>Select 1</ping-command>   </jdbc-type-settings>
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Based on the information available, it looks like there are issues with SSL communication to the port that you used in the JDBC connection string (or the port is incorrect), or SSL has not been configured on the Denodo side (Denodo is not SSL enabled yet).

You will need to ensure SSL communication happens without any issues on a given port. You can also verify the connection outside Spotfire from external tools like DBVisualizer installed on the Spotfire server machine using the same JDBC driver.


Setting up DBVisualizer using SSL connection to Denodo:


That will help to know the problematic area.

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I found the issue, Could you please let me know how to modify or add a config into data template as SSLTrustServerCertificate to TRUE?

<jdbc-type-settings><type-name>Denodo</type-name><display-name>Denodo</display-name><driver>com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver</driver> <connection-url-pattern>jdbc:vdb://server:1989/databasename?autoCommit=true</connection-url-pattern> <supports-catalogs>false</supports-catalogs> <supports-schemas>false</supports-schemas> <column-alias-pattern>`$$name$$`</column-alias-pattern><column-name-pattern>`$$name$$`</column-name-pattern><table-name-pattern>`$$name$$`</table-name-pattern> <use-ansii-style-outer-join>true</use-ansii-style-outer-join> <metadata-provider>com.spotfire.ws.im.ds.sql.BasicJDBCMetadataProvider</metadata-provider> <supports-procedures>true</supports-procedures> <ping-command>Select 1</ping-command> </jdbc-type-settings>
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You can directly add the parameter in the connection string used in the Information Designer while saving the data source.

Please make sure you test it's working outside Spotfire as it's a custom data source.

Ideally, for SQL Server it is added like this in the JDBC connection string:


Article for your reference, https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/connect/jdbc/connecting-with-ssl-encryption?view=sql-server-ver16

For Denodo, I was able to find an article but unsure about its validity. So, would advise you to check with the Denodo DBA about this.


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