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How to change y-axis for different pages in trellis

Teresa Tang

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I had created a visualization using trellis panels and then need to export it into MS PowerPoint to different pages. However the y-axis is not changed among different pages which I want it to be the maximum y value on each page. Is any solution here to this question (I know by using filter is worked but filter is not working in export)
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Hello, I know this is an old post. But I have always wanted this to be a feature, to have independent y-axis per trellis page.

Although I dont have a solution for this, I have found a workaround: use filters instead.

For example, I have a single variable for the data, called "results", which vary in range from mili to mega, so the single scale in page trellis is useless. The "trellis" is by "test_name". Each of the test_name items have their own range.

So instead of trellis, for example in a box plot, I pick result as the y-axis, "[column names]" as x-axis and then turn on filters and individually select each of the "test_name" column items. This will produce y-axis scale for each of the test_names individually.

Hope it helps.

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