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I have a cross table that I want to color the cells based on the value of the previous column.

Mark Manalo

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The way you were trying, you only had Axis.Color to work with, and Axis.Color is not a number so it did not work.

I tried a few options, the only one that worked was to add two calculated columns: a [Month] as Month([DATE_TIME]), and a previous month average [Prev_month_avg] as Avg([CYCLE_TIME]) over (Previous([Month])). I could not put the Month expression directly in the second column, as OVER does not work with expressions.

Then you can colour by the latter in your cross table. Instead of the Boolean expression, choose the option of Color the grouping using another expression. Note you need to have TEST selected in order to see the colours (for some reason it always reverts to focus on the Numeric grouping when you open it first).

I am attaching the dxp.


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