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How can you unhide a column in the webversion of Spotfire?

Erwin Brinkhuis

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Hello Erwin,

With web version I assume you mean "only having the Consumer"-license then. As mentioned in my previous reply, the more advanced web client - i.e. having the Business Author license enabled - is needed. I don't think there is a built-in way to show the column again if you only have the Consumer license.

Spotfire Business Author license:



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Hello Erwin,

I think that is a very valid request. I took a quick look in the TIBCO Ideas portal (https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas) and didn't find anything existing idea - I recommend that you create an idea for this.

For now, here are the two workarounds I can think of for now (they both involve resetting the state of the analysis to the original state - as the analysis was saved in the library - i.e. any change the user has done (filtering, hiding columns etc) is reset)

  • If you had just hidden the column and still have that session open (i.e. you haven't closed the analysis), you could use File menu > Revert to last saved to restore the analysis to the original state.
  • If the analysis has been saved, when opening it you can append &applyState=false to the URL, which prevents the users state from being applied.
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