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How to show a different color for each calculated column in a bar chart

Diana Arias

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I have the following bar chart graphic: image.png.a31fb8a040e126f400a3c452a3af2249.pngThe category axis is the EVENT_TYPE_GROPU_NAME

And the values Axis is two Calculated columns - YTD - Previous YTD. These are row counts that depend on the date.

I need the graph to show the colors depending on the calculated columns—for example, the YTD bars: blue, and the previous YTD bars: gray.

Do you know how I can configure these colors?

I appreciate the help

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This is how you assign a colour to one or more columns.

Right click to access the properties of your bar chart, select Colour then assign a colour scheme to e.g. YTD.

Right click to the right where there are three concentric rectangles.

Save it as a new document colour scheme. 

To assign this colour scheme to both variables:

From the top menu: Data > Column Properties > select a column then choose Properties tab.

In there, there are a DefaultContinuousColorScheme and a DefaultCategoricalColourScheme property available.

You want to fill either property (whether continuous or categorical as appropriate) with the exact name of the colour scheme

you created. 

If you do it for both columns, they will both default to the same scheme (given the same values).

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