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How to integrate AppDynamics BRUM monitoring on Spotfire application

Rishav Ghosh

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We are in middle of the process of integrating BRUM monitoring at Appdynamics end for Spotfire application and following are the steps which needs to be followed to inject the javascript agent manually.

The Controller UI allows to configure the JavaScript Agent, generate an HTML snippet, and add that snippet to the header of the web pages. 

1. In the Controller UI, go to a browser application.

2. In the left navigation menu, select Configuration > Configure JavaScript Agent.

3. Configure the JavaScript Agent.

4. Save and copy the HTML snippet.

5. Add the HTML snippet to the header of the web pages.

Out of these above steps, only the 5th step needs to be performed at Spotfire end(Rest of the steps will be taken care by AppDynamics team). Can someone guide me with the process to add HTML snippet(shared by AppD team) to the header of the Spotfire webpages.

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I noticed that there has been no suggestions/responses to this question - I hope you have found a solution by now.

In case you still haven't found a solution, I just did a quick test, using the Cobranding feature in Spotfire, more specifically the ability to add a custom header:

"You can use your own header in the Spotfire UIs. If you include the custom header in the cobranding package, and add the cobranding package to the default deployment area, the header will be displayed in the Spotfire Server UIs and the web player UIs. No restart or update is required, but you might need to refresh the web page."

See https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/11.4.9/doc/html/TIB_sfire_cobranding_help/cobranding/topics/adding_custom_headers_to_spotfire_uis.html for more information.

For my test, I simply added a Google Analytics Global Site Tag in the custom header, which I assume should be quite similar to what you were trying to do. This seems to work fine (in this quick and limited test), and I'm now getting Google Analytics tracking for Spotfire Admin UI and Web client use of my test server.

Best Regards



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Hi Fredrik,

Thanks for the response.

In our case, AppDynamics JAVA Snippet code need to be added to Application HTML Web Pages which will send performance beacons to AppD of the the real user experience. 

So could you please let us know which html page, path & which line java snippet code can be added to capture the real user experience of Spotfire Application.

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Please refer to the documentation I referenced in my previous response, which described how it can be done -

https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/11.4.9/doc/html/TIB_sfire_cobranding_help/cobranding/topics/adding_custom_headers_to_spotfire_uis.html. That particular page describes the custom header where you could add this information, and the rest of that manual is dedicated to cobranding in general and describes all the steps that you need to take to implement cobranding.

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