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Replacing Data Source with a Script

Vincent Thuilot

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Is there an IronPython script or R script that I can use to replace a Data Source ?

My problem is like this: after migrating to Spotfire 11.4, i can't use some of the previous table that were hosted on Sharepoint. I need to remap all data sources, but of course the original dataset isn't loading properly. I don;t see the 3 dots to replace a table and therefore lose many transformations...

If there's a way to replace data source with IronPython Script, that would be awesome. I don;t mind if I load the new source from a basic excel, i can later remap the entire thing. Most important for me is to not lose the transformations as it seems to be the case now.

See attached: I would need to replace a datasource called "OSR Target Setting Country", which is the first table of a bigger table called Volume.

I tried some scripts quickly on the internet but haven't found something working to replace data source.

Thanks for your support!

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