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Playing with Crosstable

Jewelson Cagakit

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For the first issue I would guess that your month column is a String instead of a Date. (Check under Data/Column Properties). You can use Column Properties to create a Custom Sort Order under the 'Sort Order' tab.

For the second issue please provide some more details about what you are trying to accomplish - conditional on what? Also what are you trying to format - column, color, calculation, etc.

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Hey Kirsten,

  1. Your suggestion works! How can I do the same for custom sorting of rows?
  2. Here is my goal on my example table

For Maverick Category, Auto Column condition if the Actual number is greater than 2.5% the cell background should be red, else <2.5% the cell background must be green. and so on and so forth(for LVM, HVM, and Discrete), how can I assign color conditions (Red and Green) for Actual vs goal ? Please see attached captured image. Im stuck for days on this .. :-(Table.thumb.JPG.0a873f8f07bb7aab9b8e233e5622689e.JPG

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Colors.thumb.png.aecd13669211c164b8b8338cf90f3132.pngTo set the colors go to Properties/Colors.

  1. Click on 'Add' and select the column that you want to color. Set the Color mode to Segments
  2. Click on 'Add Point'
  3. Set the point that you want to color above and below, and set the colors accordingly

Since you are using percentages you may have to enter 0.025 as opposed to 2.5, depending on how your percentage is being calculated.

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