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Is there a way for trellis to share the same X & Y Axis? Or split a control chart over time period?

Stephen Easter

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I have a Line Chart that is a single continuous year. If I add a control chart (std dev from lines & curves), it's for the entire time horizon, rather than being able to split that control chart by quarter (in the example pictured). I tried using trellising, and it does split the control chart correctly, but I still want the splits on a single timeline, rather than four separate timelines. Is there a way to modify the trellis so it's a single shared X & Y Axis with changes to just the control chart? Or is there a way to not show the empty values for the data that appears is the next trellis?

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You could try with calculated columns. These would use the OVER construct. The limitation is that OVER does not want a function to be applied to its arguments, so you first need to define a calculated column denoting your quarter.

Then e.g. for the average, you would define a calculated column as Avg([your Y column]) OVER [quarter]. You can then add it to your plot with Lines and Curves > Add > Line from Column Values. Repeat the same for the standard deviation lines.

This does not use Trellis.

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