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Timestamp Difference

Shri G

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Hi All,

I have to find the difference between two timestamp columns into days. Please find attached data for your reference.

image.png.59b6105d3fb08e8de5edce7f5e697d46.pngFirst column is end date and second column is start date

I tried with Datediff("days",[start date], [end date]) but for some values it is giving negative value.

tried with if(dayofyear([sTART DATE])=dayofyear([END DATE]),0,(Integer(DateDiff("day",[sTART DATE],[END DATE]) / 7) * 5) + DayOfWeek([END DATE]) - DayOfWeek([sTART DATE]) + (if((DayOfWeek([END DATE]) - DayOfWeek([sTART DATE]))<0,5,0))) but getting negative values for some data.

Can somebody please help me with?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you!

So, here are the dates

End Date Start Date 

01/11/20 06:34 PM 10/03/20 12:00 PM

10/05/20 06:33 PM 06/29/21 12:00 PM

04/17/19 03:03 PM 01/02/20 11:00 AM

So the format (date part) appears to be DD/MM/YY.

The start dates here are AFTER the end dates, which would indeed (this is expected) result in negative for Datediff("days",[start date], [end date]).

What result were you looking for, when the start dates are after the end dates?

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