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We used metadata queries (Table Lib_Data.Data) in Spotfire 10.3. After upgrading to Spotfire 12.0.2, this field is now encrypted in the database. If there is a way to decode this field again, as we need these data for our data lineage.

Klaus Geissler

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Starting from Spotfire 12.0, library compression is used. Note that this is optional - it can be disabled if so desired (but I would recommend using it): 


The content is compressed in gzip format, so I recommend checking available options for decompressing gzip in your queries for the database type you are using. From a quick googling, it appears that for Oracle, UTL_COMPRESS and for SQL Server, DECOMPRESS might be candidates to look into.     

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Thank you, Fredrik, everything works fine.

Attached my SQL for Oracle Databases:

SELECT   utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(dbms_lob.substr(dbms_lob.substr(utl_compress.lz_uncompress(L3.DATA),2000,   1))) AS COLUMN1,

      utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(dbms_lob.substr(dbms_lob.substr(utl_compress.lz_uncompress(L3.DATA),2000, 2000))) AS COLUMN2,

       utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(dbms_lob.substr(dbms_lob.substr(utl_compress.lz_uncompress(L3.DATA),2000, 4000))) AS COLUMN3

 FROM LIB_DATA       L3 ;


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