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How do I bring certain lines within a line chart to the foreground?

Lydia Krahn

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I have a line chart with multiple lines overlapping each other and I would like to select one of the lines to be in the forefront so that it can be clearly seen among the remaining lines. How do I do this? I've tried making a scatter plot with line connections and then utilizing the "drawing order" function, but this only brought the makers to the forefront and not the entire line connection...

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I think a simple solution would be to mark that line. If you go to Properties > Appearance and make sure the box 'Use separate color for marked items' is unticked. Then you mark a line: from the legend, Color By would be by line, and you want to click on the label corresponding to the color (line) you want to highlight. That line then appears stronger and the rest fade a bit into the background.

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