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How to create a file which has embeded images which can be read and rendered by spotfire

Jason Ochoada 2

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Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance for your help. I am looking for additional details on this statement.

This all started from the youtube video attached. Then I found this statement:

Images (such as .jpg, .png, gif, etc.) can be stored in their binary data format and then displayed in Spotfire. This can be useful for capturing images from external applications and displaying them in a Spotfire analysis.

I found the info at this link https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Tibco-KnowledgeArticle-Article-43727

I'd like to start this way to make the visualization as portable as possible to avoid permission issues for local files etc.

Using KNIME I have been able to read in a bunch of images into a table. I have then converted the PNG image cell to binary object and then write it out as a sbdf file.

Unfortunately the binary object cells have been read in as string and not binary object file. I couldn't find a way to convert from string to binary object. I dug around a little more and found an example where the PNG was saved as base64 encoding and I tried that in Spotfire. After decoding that string by creating a new column with base64decode the image was then rendered.

Is this the best/most efficient way to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Jason,

Which version of KNIME are you using, and which version of the KNIME/Spotfire nodes are you using? We recently released an updated package of nodes for KNIME 4.6 that supports binary data reading/writing. If you're not using the latest versions of the nodes/KNIME, perhaps you can try upgrading?


Andrew (TIBCO Data Science, and the author of the KNIME/Spotfire nodes)

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