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How to trace data lineage for "Connect To" data sources in Spotfire

Ron Iller 4

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I have a user who is looking to trace data lineage around “Connect To” data connections (not info links). He ultimately wants to put this in a dashboard visual to be able to potentially go both directions (from source connection to all visualizations using it or from visualization to all of its data sources).

I have dug in and found this https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Tibco-KnowledgeArticle-Article-41608 but it appears to only be related to things created in the info designer.

Any guidance on how to get at what my user is looking for would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Tejas

I am working with support on this as well but here is the challenge... the user is looking to build out a dashboard that allows the power users to view all of the data sources for all of the visualizations in the Spotfire server instance. They are looking for the ability to track ALL possible sources, info links, direct Connect To (data connections), spreadsheets, files, etc... and see what dashboards they are being referenced by.

They also want the ability to go backwards, think of a list of the dashboards that marking brings up the list of the data sources that are being used by it.

I think we are getting close but it is taking a little more data prep than they had thought as we need a view that is based on a table that joins into itself so we can get the parent/child relationships. We are exploring doing this in the database itself at the moment. This is the knowledge article that has helped us get this far (How to directly query the Spotfire database to find all references for a particular library object. 'Find All References' function. (tibco.com))



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