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Web Player Instances went into an exhausted state frequently in Version 12.1.1

Shiv Shanti Kumari

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I have subscribed the "TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics for AWS (Hourly) Amazon Machine Image" in AWS long back and it's working as expected for the older version, but now I have updated the TIBCO Spotfire to the latest version V12.1.1 and migrated our all the reports to newest version. While validating the report I found that Web Player Instance frequently getting exhausted.

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If the Web Players are frequently getting exhausted (CPU or memory), you should start by analyzing if you simply need more resources, or if there are issues in the current environment that result in excessive resource use.  

Here is some documentation that could help you start troubleshooting this: 

Web Player and Automation Services resource usage


Troubleshooting Performance issues on TIBCO Spotfire Web Player


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