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Analysis getting saved with calculated/stored data only

Mitul Gandhi

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We are using python data function to connect to our API to pull out data into spotfire to create visualization. But when we are trying to save analysis as library item, it says "All data is stored in analysis. No further access to data source is needed" as you see in attached screenshot - analysis_stored_data.

Because of this, when user open this analysis, he always see those stored data before new data get loaded on visualization. What we are looking for is when we save analysis, it should just save it as template without data (e.g if visualization contains table, it should just save as empty table.) and then, when user open visualization, it should always fetch new data.

We have gone through tibco documentation and it says there is a option for "Always new data" while saving analysis but somehow in our case, we do not see that option as you see in attached screenshot - analysis_stored_data.

Can you please help here on priority? because of this issue, we stuck for out deliverables.

I am happy to clarify if problem statement is not clear.

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To my knowledge there is no built-in way to handle this particular scenario - the "always new data" option (and also the ability to ensure that the existing data is not stored) is not available for all scenarios - but I think it's a very valid enhancement/idea, so I really think you should create an idea for your scenario in the TIBCO Ideas Portal - https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas - if you do, I will vote for it). 

For workarounds, I would look for ways to only have empty data in the analysis when saving it (might be a manageable solution if e.g. the analysis is not to be updated by a lot of different users/very often). How to go about that also depend on if it's about security - ensuring that data that a user should not have access to is not there - or if it's sufficient to hide the data. 

If you e.g. can select input to your data functions that would result in empty data to be returned, and save the analysis in that state, that could be one way.

If you have a primary key set for the data in Spotfire, deleting the rows should result in a "delete rows" transformation that is set when opening the analysis.      

The following does not address your exact current issue but as it addresses a similar requirement but for a different product area (on-demand data), i.e. the ability to save an analysis with empty on-demand data, I figured that it might be good for you to know. In short, there is a preference - AllowSavingOnDemandData - that can be used to control if on-demand data is stored in the analysis.  


Preference: AllowSavingOnDemandData

Determines whether on-demand data should be allowed to be stored in an analysis. Default is True. Change to False to make sure no on-demand data can be stored.

The column names will always be stored in the analysis, as in all cases of linked data, even when the preference is set to False.

Note: If the on-demand source is the only data source and the data table is embedded at the top level, then this setting will not have any effect.

Documentation reference: https://docs.tibco.com/pub/sfire-analyst/12.2.0/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfire-analyst_AdminGuide/index.htm#t=dxpadminmanager%2Fpref_dataoptimization.htm&rhsearch=AllowSavingOnDemandData&rhhlterm=AllowSavingOnDemandData&rhsyns=%20


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