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Getting the error "Permission denied" for step 2 cd command $ cd $TSS_HOME/tomcat/spotfire-bin/ -bash: cd: /opt/tibco/tss/12.2.0/tomcat/spotfire-bin/: Permission denied

Senthil Selvaraj

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Using Spotfire Server version 12.2.0. All previous steps were good.

Tried to navigate through the directories. This is what it shows.

$ cd /opt

$ cd tibco

$ cd tss

$ pwd


$ ls -l

total 0

drwxrwx---. 6 spotfire spotfire 89 Jan 13 19:45 12.2.0

$ cd 12.2.0

-bash: cd: 12.2.0: Permission denied

Folder 12.2.0 is owned by spotfire and not root. The parent directories are owned by root.

$ cd ..

$ ls -l

total 0

drwxr-xr-x. 3 root root 20 Jan 13 19:33 tss

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