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Changing the map interactive layer using Iron Python in Spotfire - with example

Mark Lewis 2

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I want to change interactive map layer using an Iron Pyhon script in Spotfire. However the Iron Python Spotfire online reference seems to be incomplete or lacking examples.

Can someone tell me how I might change the interactive layer, with a short Iron Python example?



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Try this script, where mymap is the map chart Visualization and layerName is the exact name of the layer you want to make interactive.

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals.Maps import * mymap = mymap.As[MapChart]()for layer in mymap.Layers: if layer.Title==layerName: mymap.InteractiveLayerReference=layer

The complete Spotfire API is here:


And there are several resources here:


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While looking for an answer to my question, I came across this post. This is very similar to what I'm trying to achieve. I use this whole loop-through-layers-and-match-on-layername process a lot.

My question is, is there a way to change a layer attribute without looping? If I know the name of the layer, can I set the attribute directly? Something like "mymap.Layers("layerName").IncludeInAutoZoom=True"

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