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Saved page changed after 12.0 upgrade and could not get it back

Xiaowen Wang

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We have multiple pages of scattered plot charts, each page with multiple trellises by column name. After 12.0 upgrade, one of the pages got changed, all the settings were gone (data, filter, legend, etc). We could change it back and save without errors, but when we open the file again, it went back to the messed-up visualization. I have created a brand new file but getting the same issue. only one of the pages will get messed up.

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Hello Wiaowen,

This sounds like an issue that would be better handled as a support case, as it will likely require access to your analysis, as well as logs files etc.

So, please open a support case and you will get assistance from Support to investigate this. If you can include an example analysis and your exact repro steps when opening the case, that will speed up the investigation.

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