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Title under graph

Francisco Aspillaga

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Hello Fransisco,

From Spotfire version 12.0 you can put (parts of) the legend in various places, including at the bottom/under the graph. You can see an example of that in the Spotfire 12.0 What's New page:  


However, as stated there, it's only for "Color by, Shape by and Series by legend items can now be displayed horizontally, above or below your visualizations, aligned left, right or centered."

So, that doesn't really help you do exactly what you asked for.

For displaying the title, the options you have are:

  1. Show it in the title bar.
  2. Show the title in the legend (left or right of the graph)

The options you have today for displaying the data source can be seen below. You can:

  1. Show the data source directly in the legend (left or right of the graph)
  2. You can show it in the Description (shown at the top, under the title bar). My Description is "Data table: ${DataTable.DisplayName}"
  3. You can show the Description in the legend (as in #1, left or right of the graph)


I recommend that you create an idea for your specific use case in the TIBCO Ideas Portal - https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas. I took a quick look without finding any existing idea for this specific use case.

Best Regards


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