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How to create swimmer plot in Tibco spotfire? Any recommendation to proceed further?

Raman Sharma 2

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There is no swimmer plot available out-of-the-box in Spotfire.

You could of course explore if you can create something that can visualize that type of data, but in a different way, using the existing plot types, in the way you need, but if you specifically want a swimmer plot, maybe consider one of these options:



Create a Spotfire Mod for it:


That could especially be a good option if you have found some third-party JavaScript visualization library, like e.g. D3.js or Chart.js, that already has a swimmer plot.


If you don't need a fully interactable Spotfire plot, here's an example of how one can create a plot using TERR, by calling open-source R functions via the RinR package, and display that in Spotfire. 


I e.g. found the following swimmer plot for R:


Best Regards


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