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When using the Automation Services Job Builder to send an e-mail, there is a Tools menu item called "Insert Field". It has a limited number of options and would like to know how to insert the contents of a property into the e-mail message?

Darcy Hourd

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There is currently no support for doing that, but it sounds like a great feature. I did not find any existing idea for this in the TIBCO Portal Portal (https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas) so I recommend that you create one, and maybe this feature can be added in a future version.

The only way to do it today would be to implement your own custom Email Task with support for this and that would likely not be trivial.

Best Regards


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Update: this functionality has now been added in Spotfire 12.3 which was released yesterday (it was actually added as a result of your question here).

See release notes:


TSAS-1133 - Document properties values can now be added into Automation Services tasks

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