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Change the font size of the KPI chart descriptions

Francisco Aspillaga
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Hello Francisco,

Those font settings can be set in the theme - in this case primarily the Visualization general font size.

You can find that under Visualization menu > Canvas Styling > Edit custom theme > Select the "Details" pane > Visualization general.

Note: for handling font settings in general, there are also a few additional places to be aware of. It's probably easiest to simply take a look/test them, to get an idea of what they affect. 

1. In a specific visualization/plot. In some visualization types, you can set (some) font setting under Properties > Fonts. 

2. In Tools menu > Options > Fonts. Note: This is used when you create NEW visualizations, but you can also use the "Apply to Document" options, to apply it to your existing ones. 

3. Spotfire Administrators can also have access to the Administration Manager (Tools menu > Administration Manager), which can be used to set various Font preferences (e.g. under Visualization > VisualizationPreferences), similar to those available under Tools > Options, for all users.

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