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KPI chart data change

Francisco Aspillaga

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Hello Francisco,

Yes, you can set the display name of that to whatever you want.

Below you can find an example where the PKI chart at the top has the default display name - in this case Sum(Population), and the bottom, I duplicated the chart, but changed the display name to "Population".

What I did:

1. Right-click on the PKI Chart > select Properties

2. Select the KPIs pane

3. Select the KPI of interest

4. Click Settings button

5. For the Value (y-axis), either use the drop down to get the more limited dialog where you can set the display name etc, or right-click on it and select "Custom Expression" (in my screenshot below, I had used the latter option) for the full dialog.

6. Now you can either use the Display Name field to enter the display name you want (as in my screenshot), or you can enter that directly in the expression itself, using "as [Name])


Sum([Population]) as [Population])

That latter "as" method is useful (necessary) when you e.g. have an expression that produces multiple columns.


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