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Is it possible to rename expressions that become axis labels within other expressions? Using "as" to rename expressions...

JP Lee

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Here is an expression for the Y axis of a scatter plot, which uses "as" at the end of the entire expression to rename the axis label:


      "${TimeAxisType}" = "A",

      uniqueCount([XYZ]) over (Intersect([Axis.X],[Axis.Panels])), //simple count

      uniqueCount([XYZ]) over (Intersect(AllPrevious([Axis.X]),[Axis.Panels])) //cumulative count

      ) as [count]

I want to change the label based on the chosen expression however - something like this:


      "${TimeAxisType}" = "A",

      uniqueCount([XYZ]) over (Intersect([Axis.X],[Axis.Panels])) as [count], //simple count

      uniqueCount([XYZ]) over (Intersect(AllPrevious([Axis.X]),[Axis.Panels])) as [cumulative count], //cumulative count


But this yields a syntax error. My actual example has five of these subexpressions in the if() expression. Is there any way to do this?



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Hello JP,

You can only set "as" on the top level. Maybe you could handle this using two document properties, adding an additional property for the axis label.


So, I now have these properties: 



My plot-axis expression is this:




[urban Population %]

) as $esc(${AxisLabel})

I add a script on the AxisType property, that will run when it changes, to set the AxisLabel 

if Document.Properties["AxisType"]=="A":

Document.Properties["AxisLabel"] = "A title"

elif Document.Properties["AxisType"]=="B":

Document.Properties["AxisLabel"] = "B title"

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