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When I begin to launch the TERR tools --> Launch RStudio IDE. I am encountering problem like attached picture. How could I overcome the challenge? Many Thanks

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To start with, what version of RStudio have you installed? I would make sure to use the one listed as having been tested for compatibility (see https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire/general/sr/sr/topics/tibco_enterprise_runtime_for_r.html), which is 1.3.109 for the TERR engine used in any modern Spotfire version.

If the issue remain when using the RStudio version listed above, start by confirming the version of TERR your Spotfire Analyst/installed client is using, by selecting "Tools > TERR Tools > Launch TERR Console" from the main menu, then paste the following (case sensitive) command into the TERR Console session:



Just for searchability, here's the first part of the error message:

Could not execute tool 'TERR Tools'

The system cannot find the file specified.

at System.Diagnostics.process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)


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Great! Well, definitely start by confirming that you have RStudio 1.3.109 installed then, and e.g. try starting RStudio directly as well and confirm if that works..

If the issue remains, as you are getting "The system cannot find the file specified.", it could be interesting to see of a tool like Microsoft Process Monitor (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/procmon) can give a hint of more exactly what file it is unable to locate, and also if the Spotfire client logs contain additional information. For sharing such information, I would recommend opening a support case though (in the Support Portal: https://support.tibco.com).


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I did a quick test using the Rstudio2022.02.3+492 version you mentioned, and could not get that to work either (though with a different error message). I then downgraded to the compatible version - RStudio 1.3.109 - and that worked fine. So, I would recommend using the compatible version. If not, if you open a support case, it's possible that our support team may have some additional things for you to try.

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