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Function inquiry on gantt chart

Min Su Sun

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The mods gantt chart provided by tibco is using it.

As shown below, plnt_eqp_nm was used for Task, wip_wk_st_dtm was used for Start/End, and prj_nm was used for Color by.

However, H5.5A-020 is not visible on the chart.

Please check if this is a bug.

<Figure-1> is the actual Gantt chart provided by TIBCO, and <Figure-2> is the Gantt chart used by other programs.

Is it possible to display Color by in multiple colors in one line like <Figure-2>?





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In the current Gantt chart version it is not possible to color by multiple colors so you will not be able to get to the exact same display as in Figure 2. I will take your feedback into account for future versions.

However, by adding "pro_nm" as an additional Task axis, you should be able to add additional bars under each "plnt_eqp_nm" that will be colored using the Color by axis.

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