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Split Row into multiple Row (events with start time and end time that span multiple days/periods)

Mitch Kavney

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I am new to spotfire and looking to split "events" into multiple rows. Data is provided with a start date/time and an end date/time. I would like to split into rows by unique date.

Current Data:


Start Date |End Date |Duration

20/07/17 4:00am |26/07/17 4:00am |144Desired Outcome:


Start Date |End Date |Duration

20/07/17 4:00am |21/07/17 12:00am |18

21/07/17 12:00am|22/07/17 12:00am |24

22/07/17 12:00am|23/07/17 12:00am |24

23/07/17 12:00am|24/07/17 12:00am |24

24/07/17 12:00am|25/07/17 12:00am |24

25/07/17 12:00am|26/07/17 12:00am |24

26/07/17 12:00am|26/07/17 4:00am |4A similar example is located here but I'm not quite sure how to make it work for what I want


https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10809355/sql-split-events-into-multiple-rowsBut this is SQL and per shift. Where as I would like to do it by Day 12am-12am. Is this possible

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