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When I download the Gannt chart file I don't see a .mod file. I have 2 pdf files and a Video File. Is the file missing or is my system converting this file when i open it?

Carol Shiers 2

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It looks like you have the VLC Media Player installed, and that that is associated with the .mod file extension. I don't think that should cause any problems (but if you e.g. accidentally double-click on the .mod file, VLC may try to open it and fail) - simply use the .mod as documented, e.g. drag and drop it into a Spotfire analysis.

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Hello again,

The download looks correct. I downloaded the Gannt mod and the files all match (yes, three is the correct number - two PDF:s, and the Gant chart.mod) 

Your Windows explorer appears configured to "Hide extensions of known file types" so the file extensions are not displayed, otherwise you should see the file extension .mod for all Spotfire mods files.

What you are seeing is likely a license problem (I did a quick test and confirmed that I can reproduce the behavior from your video). To be allowed to open a locally saved Mod, you must have the "Open/Save Local Visualization Mod" license, so you should contact your Spotfire administrators and request that. 

You can read more about the various Mods-related licenses here: 


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