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Replace a value in a table via ironpython

David Katz

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Yes, it's simply a transformation. You can read more about the Replace* Transformations here: 

ReplaceSpecificValueTransformation Class

Represents a DataTransformation that replaces values on specific rows, or on a single specific row.


ReplaceValuesTransformation Class

Represents a DataTransformation that replaces all values in a column that match a given value.


If you take a look in the script example below, you can find an example of ReplaceValuesTransformation being used.


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Still needing help:

1) ReplaceSpecificValueTransformationClass seems to require the old value in the cell, even though we have already specified the row(s) and columns. Is that right? What I want is to mark the rows and then poke the new values in regardless of the old. How best to do that?

2) after I create the new transformation, is there an additional step to apply that transformation to the existing table?

Thanks much!

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