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Importing Excel files with formulas that return ="" (blanks) in some cells?

Qing Wong

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I am trying to import Excel files, which have formulas for some calculated columns that return blanks (="") if manually entered data for that row is missing. This is mainly for aesthetics for the users populating the Excel:

image.png.7254140d16194c7edefd2bc771706cc1.png(Note that because rows for those manually populated columns (left 2) are empty, the rightmost calculated column is also left blank.

However, when I try to import this sheet into Spotfire, I find that Spotfire automatically imputes all these blank values with 0. This causes my graphs to be full of data points that are artificially zeros! I don't want to replace 0 with blanks in Spotfire as this would take data that might actually be 0.00 (which is realistically feasible) and remove it.

Is there a way for Spotfire to recognize blank ("") Excel values as NA and not as 0.00 during the import step? It seems like this is baked in during the import.

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I did a quick test and I see the same behavior. That looks like a defect so please open a case with our support team in the Support Portal ( https://support.tibco.com) about it.

For now, the only workaround I can think of is to either simply copy & paste the data into Spotfire or export the data from Excel to e.g. a csv file first, and then import that into Spotfire.

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