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Looking for ways to visualize changes to a dxp file when the underlying data source file has been updated

Kelly McClure

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I'm looking for a way to modify a data table in a Spotfire dxp when changes are made to the underlying data source file. In other words when additional rows are added to be able to flag those new rows with a tagged column as well as to highlight new data for already existing data rows. Hope that makes sense.

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Hi Kelly,

What you are asking for specifically is currently not possible in Spotfire, to my best knowledge. Alerting you on changes in your data is what Spotfire does but not in the specific way you are describing. I would recommend submitting your idea to https://ideas.tibco.com/ (also linked from the top menu under 'more'). The product management team for Spotfire will then review your request, and consider it for the Spotfire roadmap if it is a feature that many users are requesting. Here is also a description for the Ideas Portal. https://community.spotfire.com/s/article/Introduction-to-the-TIBCO-Ideas-Portal, it is very useful for us to capture these ideas, thank you.

Another option for these types of questions is to contact your TIBCO or partner account team, hopefully, you have done this already. They can review your dashboard with you and suggest solutions. Depending on how you currently update your data, there may be an option that allows you to get more information on the data changes. Or point you to another TIBCO capability to manage your data and be informed of data changes.



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