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How to add weighted average to a set of data

Abubakar anwar

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Hi All,

coming back with another question.

I have set of rows which are aggregated at the lowest possible level at regions.

Two factors comparing against each other I have calculated if my organization is better on certain regional level than my competition. which works

the data has been assigned values based on GDP and are ranked in terms of percentage. For example a lane from AT to China weights less than DE to China.

If I do some changes in the amount of business I have on certain lane (DE-CN, decrease) it should have a bigger impact on my competitive position compared to if I change things on AT-CH lane.

Now I want to add a dynamic filter/column based on the rankings, if I change something in terms of business on DE to CN, it has an overall greater impact than AT to CN.

Is there a way to do this?

it is very complicated but any help will be highly appreciated.


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WeightedAverage([column1],[column2]) is accessible through Edit Expression, or custom expression. If you use this expression on the y axis / value axis directly in the visualisation and then drop the categories which interest you on the x axis (you can drop several categories) then you should have the desired outcome. Let me know if that helps.

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