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Plotting both gragh in one screen (Scatter plot and line Chart of their average)


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I can think of two ways as of now -

  1. Create a Spotfire Visualization Mod for same and use it. This is bit time consuming, difficult approach for first time development; but ​will be very smooth in future usage.
  2. Use Python ​chart libraries to bring end results in Spotfire. It is easy to implement, support little old versions as well, but comes with a few limitations like you cannot Mark data here. An example of the implementation is demonstrated here -https://youtu.be/MPKpIG2h6JU
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I could think of a simple way, but not perfect as I could not find a way to plot a line and a scatter plot together, but only two columns in a scatterplot, connected by lines (with marker size minimized).

The Y columns of your scatter plot would be like:

[Y], Avg([Y]) over (LastPeriods(10,[X]))

where 10 is configurable if you use a document property to hold its value.

I tried it on the Iris dataset and plotting Sepal_Width (rowid is a calculated column I created from rowid()).

The blue like is the raw [Y] and the green line is the [Y] averaged over the previous 10 values of [X]


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