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How putting the actual date inside Spotfire report pages

Pasquale Massimo Scorca

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What do you mean by the actual Date for each Page? Do you mean the Last time the data was loaded? or just the Current Date?

I currently use the below 3 ways with different dashboards:

  1. Current Date: DateTimeNow()
  2. Most Recent Date from the data: Max([DateField])
  3. Create a new column in the Transformations section. Create it as DateTimeNow() (this will put the last time the data was loaded)
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To add to Kevin's, As far as my experience , on the Web Player the DateTimeNow() will pick up the date of the Node manager Server machine and not the Client Machine (i.e on which the report is consumed/viewed) . Since all the reports viewed on the WP are executed via Node manager.

you could also review the below article


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