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How to manage relations with an external data source (oracle connection).

Sara AlMousa

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Hi Sara,

To achieve filtering in related tables you need to follow the following steps:

a) Go to Data > Data Table Properties.

b).In Data Table Properties select the Relations tab and choose the Manage Relations button.

c).In the Manage Relations window, click the "New" button. The "New Relation" prompt will open. Select the column "Name" for both data table

2). Once the relationship is established between two tables, in the Filters panel at the corner of table name you will find the filter icon, 

3). Clicking the icon, the related data table with 3 options are displayed.

4). If you want the "Name" column in table T1 to control the rows in table T2, click the icon in Filter panel of table T2. Select the option "Filtering in T1" and choose "Include Filtered Rows Only".

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