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How to stop loading after data on-demand is loaded ?

Paul Soulie

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Hello, first of all thanks for this article. However I have a small problem using this script. As the prompt shows and says "loading" my on demand data doesn't actually load. When the prompt closes then the data starts to load. Meaning that user will need to look at the small wheel on the bottom right of the analysis to know the progress of the loading.

How can I tweak the code so that the data starts loading when prompt opens and the prompt closes itself when the data is actually loaded ?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello @Paul Soulie​ , Are you using the exact same code? Because it has a line that simulates a task where the time.sleep statement goes in a similar way the subtask 2 works with the clock by checking the clock and start time. Are you using any kind of script to do the on-demand part? If not, there should be some kind of loading indicator when loading data on-demand after.

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