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How managing two KPIs depending two different filters in a different manner

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for a my BI project with Spotfire, I need to create a page with two KPIs and with two filters with these requirements:

  • the first KPI has to be affected by the first filter,
  • the second KPI has to be affected by the two filters.

I try to explain better with an example.

Inside Spotfire I’ve loaded an Orders table.

In my page I’ve put the shipment date as the first filter and the order status as the second filter.

The KPI is related to the SUM(ORDER AMOUNT).

PaginaSpotfirecon2filtrie2kpi.thumb.png.8d1dd19508b378d22be006b03e9b5af4.pngI’ve tried managing more different filter schemas and applying the related data limitation but unsuccessfully.

The filter schema considers all filters deriving from the Orders table (the unique table imported in Spotfire), but I think to solve this issue by creating a filter schema with only 1 filter (order status), while the shipment date should be a common page filter.

Now, any suggests to me in order to solve this issue, please?

Many thanks 😊

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The way I have done this is below:

Create 2 different filter schemas. FilterSchema 1 and Filter Schema 2

Add a Text area and put the 2 filters you need. 1 from Filter Schema 1 (Shipment Date), and the other one from Filter Schema 2 (Order Status).

Now on the first KPI, on the Data Portion of the KPI, set it to only use Filter Schema 1.

On the 2nd KPI have it use both Filter Schemas

The other way I do it is instead of using a filter, I use a drop down with a document property. I would then just hardcode the data limitations based on what they selected in the drop downs.

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