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I want to integrate Slack into SPotfire for commenting/collaborating

Rohit Chourasia

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I want to integrate Slack with SPotfire Analyst, so that users can easily comment and collaborate with each other, assign tasks to their collegues or sub-ordinates.

after assigning a task, notification alert generates for the particular user, so that he can see and respond.

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I would explore if Spotfire Cloud Actions allows you to do what you need. This new functionality will be introduced in the coming Spotfire 12.0 LTS. It has not been released yet, but is expected to become available shortly, and you can already find information about it, e.g. a presentation here: https://www.tibco.com/resources/on-demand-webinar/spotfire-12-webinar-series-introduction (Cloud Actions is shown around 9 minutes in).

For your use case, look into using Spotfire Cloud Actions together with the TIBCO Flogo Connector for Slack (https://docs.tibco.com/pub/flogo-slack/1.0.0/doc/html/GUID-3A33051D-D63F-43FE-9154-123D9317A8DF.html).


Best Regards


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