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How to display list of automation jobs respective dashboard in spotfire

Anusha Vonukuri

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First, note that the Spotfire database format is not public/documented - querying it directly is not an intended/support use case and it may be changed at any time. Just keep that in mind.

With that said, if you explore the database, you'll easily find some of the information you seem to be looking for. To get you started:

The various Library Item types are listed in the LIB_ITEM_TYPES table.

Here you'll find an entry for


LABEL: asjob

DISPLAY:NAME: Automation Job

The LIB_ITEMS table lists all Library items. So, to list the Automation Jobs, simply filter on the Automation Job Type, i.e. WHERE ITEM_TYPE='b34c8235-40fc-4bcf-9be5-418106c1b16c'.

The job file itself can be found in the LIB_Data table, in the Data column (varbinary).

As further inspiration for what can be found in the Spotfire database, I recommend taking a look at https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/tibco-spotfire-metadata-queries.


Best Regards


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