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How to solve error "DonutState object is undefined" for Donut Chart Mod

Edoardo A

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I'm facing an issue with Donut Chart Mod (Release 1.0.1 for Spotfire 11.4). When I filter out all data, It appears the following error message:


As you can see on the web-developer tools I get also error "DonutState object is undefined".

Above all, the main issue is that in the web-player the spinner icon at the bottom right is loading indefinitely. When I hover on it I can see only the tooltip that says "Background Task (1)...".

How can I solve this issue

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Hi Edoardo,

In this case it is only the error message that is incorrect. When all data is filtered out the error message should state something like: "Please select non-empty data.", and not produce any console error messages since this is a fully legit state.

The spinner icon should however be completely unrelated. A Mod doesn't run any background tasks of its own, so I would expect that there are other things in your analysis that also fails when all data is filtered out.



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