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Spotfire 10.8 sending invalid request header "content-type: multipart/form-data" with OData GET requests

Eoghan ONeill

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I am troubleshooting an issue where Spotfire (v10.8) is making OData GET requests in order to retrieve data from OData APIs in an ASP.NET CORE web application. I have observed using Fiddler that Spotfire includes the following request header with each GET request:"content-type: multipart/form-data"


This request header is not valid for inclusion with a GET request, and ASP.NET CORE generates a 500 server error with the following message:System.IO.InvalidDataException:Missingcontent-typeboundary


Can anyone from the Spotfire team comment why this request header is included, and if indeed this still is the case with the latest version of Spotfire Otherwise it will be necessary to add a custom intercept in the web application to remove this header in order to allow Spotfire to retrieve the data.


Many thanks,


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